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$2000 to learn all you need to know about turkey taxidermy, all from the comfort of your home. Save on hotel, travel and food expenses. This is my fastest growing class option out there today. My current students are loving it and get access to me, live, all throughout the year. When I’m in my shop working, you are with me. This option will cover all lessons multiple times as I mount birds weekly. You will have repeat access to each element of taxidermy. Contact me today at 615-519-8353

“Do I need to send you more money? I feel like I’m getting way more than I paid for!” – Zoom Class Participant

How This Works



Hop on Zoom anytime during normal business hours with John to work together.


Learn new out-of-the-box techniques that allow you the freedom needed to love turkey taxidermy.



Purchase full access for the ZOOM class for $2000. Access is instant to zoom once payment is received.



Ask questions and work on your bird in your shop alongside John.



For best sound quality a good set of head phones, for big screen viewing a smart TV with screen sharing technique from your smart phone.



You’ll need a Smartphone, PC, Smart TV or Laptop to be able to access the Zoom app.

Purchase Options

16 hours for 2000. I am in my shop every day and you’ll receive an invitation to join me every time I go in.

How to Buy

Contact me directly to purchase your live zoom hours.

(615) 519-8353


How to Redeem

All live Zoom students will be notified of upcoming Zoom times. You can hop in for as little or as long as you would like during those live hours. I mount 15 birds each month so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn throughout the month.

What Our Students Say

John Beard thanks for everything so far man. They wouldn’t look like that without your help ✊🏼

Seth French

Zoom Live Participant

These live Zoom classes have been absolutely mind-blowing for me. The sheer amount of information I have gained from remote learning is invaluable. I haven’t attended the in-person classes like most of the others because of my work load and location. The flexibility of the remote learning classes allows me the time to work, attend family events, and learn when it’s convenient. You can join in at any time he is having a class. Sometimes it works in the schedule, and sometimes it doesn’t. If anything that’s why it’s so nice. It’s definitely a game-changer in such an evolving industry. I can say it is the best opportunity for the money, and even go so far to say it’s better than hands-on learning for me. With over 20 years in the industry, education is crucial to better your product for the customer. He is a pioneer in turkey taxidermy education and worth every penny.

– Josh Burkholder
Burkholder Taxidermy

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