Get Good or Get Gone!

Turkey Taxidermy World Champion Shane Smith and Grand National Champion John Beard team up to lead the annual Freedom Seminar: “If it ain’t real, it ain’t right”!

Learn everything we know involved with turkey taxidermy from skinning to shingling! When learning a new system, it is imperative to “buy in” to what is being taught. Believing in the process and getting uncomfortable is how we all grow.

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3-Day Freedom Seminar

The System

John and I are excited to have this workshop yet again! It has been an interesting year with Covid 19 and there was some uncertainty as to whether we could have this opportunity. After the Workshop, You will have access to our exclusive Facebook page for Attendees of the Freedom Seminar. It will have photos and instruction from the past Classes and future ones. It is exclusive only to those who have completed the class. You will also have access to future teaching and learning from all of the members in the group. It is an opportunity to build on your future in turkey taxidermy!



Obviously you are not here to waste time. We are not only going to teach you how, we are going to tell you why! Many will travel a long way and it is an honor to share our methods. These procedures are 100% replicable. The products we use work! You will experience positive growth when you complete this workshop. It might be a bit painful to buy into, however, repetitive application will solidify your ability to have success. Many of the procedures will be totally unheard of “unspeakable but so very simple. You can say to yourself “can I really do that”….. I know he just didn’t… It is all part of the fun and its time to enjoy mounting turkeys and not hating them.


Registration Details

COST: $1500
(Payment via cash, check or Venmo)

DATES: August 2021 dates TBD

This 3-day in-person seminar is held in LOCATION?? Bridgeport, Alabama.

Spots are limited to the first 25 registrants. To reserve your spot, call 615-519-8353 (Payment is required in full to hold your space.)

Lodging is reserved and paid for separately. 


You will learn…

We will begin with “Skin Prep” and “set up. John will demonstrate how he skins, turns, and fleshes a bird with NO washing. Shane will also touch on my method of pressure washing. You will see the modified wand for this method.

We will already have some birds in different phases of process and we will go over the mechanics of neck poses, discuss the inserts, and how to Use/ build static neck systems to favor any pose. We will also go over tail set ups: John will show you his applications and Shane will show you his using the under coverts left attached to the tail to create the realistic, yet removable system.

We will be injecting some fresh feet using my internal color method. Wing set up will be done in two optional procedures. One will be mind blowing. We will finish, time permitting going over pan pastel application. If we run out of time on the first day, we will add it as the workshop continues. Heads and brushes will be available for you to experiment.

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Sam Cahoy

A big thank you goes out to Shane Smith and John Beard for putting on an outstanding seminar! It was second to none! There isn’t much else I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I will say this was the best seminar I have been apart of, 2 great teachers and a great group of taxidermists that I can now call friends. Thanks again everyone! I can’t wait put all this information to use! Sam Cahoy, Aberdeen, South Dakota

Brent Denniston

Not sure I could ever put into words what just went down in that small Tennessee town August 15th – 18th 2019. Not only were we ” born again ” turkey taxidermist but I think we all knew there was something different in the air. The kindness and generosity shown by so many was refreshing. John and Shane, we owe you a debt of gratitude for not only what you have done for us as taxidermist but spiritually as well. There were so many powerful moments on display that spoke to my heart. Thank you Pat for your emotional story that uplifted everyone in the room. There was not a dry eye in the house. Powerful testimony. Thanks to all of you that shared stories of your families and where you are from and your backgrounds. I look forward to many years of friendship from you all. We now share a special bond and experience that not only made us better taxidermist but better people. John and Shane, through your leadership I have not only walked away from this experience wanting to be a better taxidermist but a better man and Christian. For that I thank you! God bless everyone until we meet again. Brent Denniston, Peru, Nebraska

Dewayne Loftis

I would like to give John Beard & Shane Smith a big Thank You for taking the time and having the willingness to share yall’s vast knowledge of turkey taxidermy with us. As someone who has never done taxidermy I’m excited to put what I learned in the 4 days that we were all together to use. The experience of meeting and talking with taxidermist from all over the country was priceless I really in joyed the experience. – Dewayne Loftis, Chapmansboro, TN.

James Burley

I’m not one for a lot of big fancy inspirational words. But Shane and John, THANK YOU! For taking the time to put this workshop together, sharing your methods and knowledge. – James Burley, Carthage, North Carolina

Jerry Cunningham

The experience and the knowledge gained last week is priceless. Thank you very much John and Shane you have made my life better in Taxidermy and as a man. I was so glad to meet all the taxidermists, they are terrific. I hope we are friends the rest of our lives. If anyone ever needs me, for anything, just call. – Jerry Cunningham, Oxford, Al.

Robert Schmac

Brutal travel day yesterday finally getting settled back in.just want to give my thanks to Shane and John.both of you are awesome Men.Shane your faith is an inspiration .thanks for sharing it with us. John your passion for turkeys is awesome and contagious .I will always remember this experience .to the class of 2019 your all new and cherished friends. – Robert Schmac, Morrison, Colorado

Robert Olson

Thank you John Beard and Shane Smith for sharing y’all’s vast knowledge and fellowship with us during this class. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I had a blast. – Robert Olson, Richmond, Va.

Pat. Ryan Hadley

Learned a lot in the class but I have to admit, Mr Pat Pitts insight to the meaning of life may have been what I learned the most from, I heard him say “don’t chase money, when life grows dark and dirt is being thrown over your face you can’t jump up and scream…. wait I have $10,000.00 left to go….” he then said “I want the last check I write to bounce off my casket!!” He made me to remember the ones we love are truly the most valuable aspects in life. All who have known him have been blessed to have had him in your life, I only met him once and feel blessed for that opportunity, God bless you – Pat. Ryan Hadley

Tonya O’Tinger

I wanted to say Thank you to Shane Smith and John Beard for putting this seminar together. You’ve always been at the forefront of innovation in the taxidermy industry. You’re continuously evolving techniques to produce superior results. You work hard behind the scenes to overcome trials and errors. You have years invested in the study of your trade. You opened up your world of knowledge to us. Showed us methods, that if followed correctly will insure, we too can be successful in the art of turkey taxidermy. I have many notes to go over and rewrite. Many pictures to sort through and label. I’m sure I’ll run into a few questions along the way as I proceed forward in this endeavor, but I will always see your advice for answers. I am beyond grateful to have been able to attend as a student of this history making event. I thank you both for allowing us to grow, and pave the road for our success with the selfless knowledge you have provided. God bless you both always. Thank you again!!! – Tonya O’Tinger

Steven Wallace

The past three days has been an eye-opening experience and talk about “out of the box” thinking. It’s been a pleasure to have been a part of this class and meeting all of the talented folks that are here. That you Shane Smith & John Beard for your efforts and ability as instructors to pass on the information you have gained, time you have invested in research over the past several years and the products that have been developed to help taxidermist. – Steven Wallace

Andy Stanford

Day 2 of the freedom seminar and all I can say is WOW 😁 many thanks to Shane Smith and John Beard for taking time out of their busy lives and time away from there family to be with us and to teach us. These guys are true Christian men and everyone in this group are Christian, hard working men and women who enjoy and love what they do. Thank each and everyone of you and look forward to the next 2 days. – Andy Stanford

Jeff Herrick

So comes an end to a great week… 25 Taxidermists from all over the country met in Alabama to train in the very first ever Freedom Seminar, Turkey Taxidermy at its absolute finest, with the industries finest! I knew none of these people, nor the instructors (World Champion Shane Smith and National Champion John Beard ) walking into this… and we traveled a long ways to be part of this limited group. But I am leaving feeling like I know many of them very well! Its not easy to get a bunch of perfectionists in a room and “play nice” and get along! We not only got along… but had a blast! So many new friendships kindled! Naturally… you take in so much at an event like this… and certainly got what we all paid for! It will now take some time and digging to lay it all out there. These two instructors poured years of blood, sweat, tears, trial and error experiences into four days of bliss for a guy like me! Yes… they made money, but that money does not even come close to breaking even with what they gave up! Not in my opinion anyway! Let’s just say you don’t rise to the top of your industry on talent alone. Character… if I had to sum up the instructors in one word… Character… We made it to about Mid-Illinois before the kids had enough… more driving tomorrow! How fun was it getting to meet people you have been following on FB for so long! Chase Courtney, Jeffery L. Nelson, Pat Pitt, Hunter Evans, TOT, and all you others that I got to meet and laugh with for the first time! Thanks to all 25 of you and thank you John Beard and Shane Smith! -Jeff Herrick, Ripon, Wisconsin

Chase Courtney

These last few days have been nothing short of a blast. I made many new friends and spent time with some great fellow taxidermists who I’ve looked forward to meeting for a long time. Shane Smith and John Beard put on a very informative turkey mounting seminar and Pat Pitts jokes were just the icing on the cake. I’m looking forward to using these new methods to improve my turkeys. To all my current waterfowl customers who are always asking me about mounting their turkeys, I may or may not start back taking in turkeys next yr… you’ll just have to wait and see. Chase Courtney, Timmonsville, South Carolina

Jim Unrath

Returning home to Yankee territory from Dixie where I had the best tasting Oreos ever. The knowledge that we gained could not have happened from anyone else other than Oscar and Felix, I mean Shane and John. Their passion and integrity combined from the very first minute till the last. Actually it started days and weeks before so we COULD have it from the first minute of opening prayer. I can’t possibly type of all the knowledge I gained because this amount took 25 miles, still searching for where the letters are, but I’ll mention one. One of the rules we had was not to use FOWL language. One last thing, the camaraderie at this is priceless. The older you get the more you realize it. See y’all at the reunion Shane and John are at this moment planning. Jim Unrath, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jeffery L. Nelson

Words and emotions can’t express my sincerest gratitude towards our recent Freedom Seminar hosted by Shane Smith and John Beard. These two guys are class acts. When this was first announced, there were no second thoughts as “if” I might attend, but when I will attend. I remember my wife saying “your Turkey’s are already good enough.” But, I mentioned to my wife, I’m always trying to learn new methods and techniques to add to my tool box. The seminar was a Home Run in my book! It covered some of the most basic principles and I learned something new everyday! Best money I’ve ever spent IMO. For anyone looking to learn, improve upon or hone in on your skill set, this seminar is a game changer. Plus, the company of people attending this seminar made it that much more enjoyable. I’m sure I gained a few more life long friends attending this event. In a nut shell, Shane and John answered a lot of questions, a lot of my stupid questions 😂 and put on an awesome seminar for those individuals that wanted to learn more about Turkeys Once in a lifetime opportunity, so thankful and appreciative for their efforts… Forever grateful, – Jeffery L. Nelson
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