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“If it ain’t real it ain’t right.”

Beards Only Taxidermy

Welcome to Beards Only Taxidermy. We specialize in Wild Turkey Taxidermy and instruction. Our Beards Only studio is based out of Dickson, Tennessee. I offer full-service taxidermy and instruction via in-person seminars and also online live instruction. Contact me to order an in-season mount or to get onto our special fall season mount list. I do limit the number of turkeys I take to ensure you receive your trophy within a year or less, with the quality you expect. I am passionate about my work and offer courses to help you become a pro at your trophy piece.


We focus on quality, not quantity!

We have so many mounts, poses and displays to choose from to expertly show off your trophy.

If you want your turkey to look REAL, join me for my in-person classes, online zoom sessions or annual seminar. To become a student of the trade, we have options to meet you where you are at. Our online zoom sessions are quickly gaining in popularity. You can simply hop into a live zoom call with me to get one-on-one instruction as you mount your bird!

Troy Blahnik

I have been hunting turkeys for close to 20 years. I knew when I was fortunate enough to harvest a beautiful red phase gobbler the time had come to put one on the wall. John was awesome in taking the time to instruct me how to prepare my Tom for him to insure a quality mount. After some time in the freezer everything came out perfect!! While at his shop I was also amazed with his skills in “refurbishing” some old mounts.
When you get that special bird and expect top quality do yourself a favor and contact John Beard.

Sarah Turvey

John does incredible work and a great guy as well. I’ve spent a lot of time in his shop and I would personally recommend Beards Only to anyone anywhere!

Steve Tucker

No one better. Great teacher of the art as well! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience, John.

Colby Taylor

John does incredible work! If there is any doubt look at some of his work, because it speaks for itself! I would highly recommend him!

Darryl Jolly

I got a hanging dead mount several years ago and it still looks as good as the day I got it!!! It actually looks better than the pics I took when he was shot! Great taxidermist and a great guy!

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